Early music education

My love for music began at a very young age. I was just 10 years old when I discovered my passion for creating music. I had always been fascinated by the piano, and I knew that I wanted to learn how to play it. I managed to convince my primary school that my parents would be able to find a piano if they would let me join lessons, and I convinced my parents that I had been selected to have piano lessons. My mother instilled in me my love for music, she would always sing all around the house. My first piano teacher was a wonderful lady who furthered this love. I remember sitting in the small room at school with the piano and my teacher showing me the notes on the keyboard, it was a magical moment for me. From that day on, I practiced every day, determined to master the piano.

As I progressed through primary school, my parents found me a private piano teacher and I continued to learn and improve my skills. I achieved grade 5 ABRSM and decided to stop taking grades, but continued to play and work on more challenging pieces. The piano had become my lifelong companion, and I knew that music would always be a part of my life.

College Band

When I entered college, I formed a band with my best friend Ben. He had always wanted to start a band, but didn’t know how to play guitar. He asked me to teach him and I found an old nylon-strung guitar and taught myself enough chords to teach him. We spent a summer in the loft of his garage learning to play Green Day and Blink 182 songs. Of course, we needed a drummer next, and Ben asked if I wanted to be the drummer. Without hesitation, I said yes.

We drafted in some other friends and the four of us wrote and recorded 3 albums worth of songs over the next two to three years. The band split apart the following year and though I had some tracks left to go, I started to focus more on instrumental tracks.


I began listening to Tubular Bells II a lot and really enjoyed picking out all the instruments. I wrote a good fifteen instrumental tracks while at university studying Acoustical Engineering. MIDI was my main tool, and I loved the sounds I got from my Korg X5D. I set up a small bedroom studio and spent as much time as I could working on my own tracks.


Even though I didn’t release much music over the next fifteen years, I still played music in various groups, taking many many musical notes in the forms of voice recordings, or chords written down on a sheet of paper. I focused heavily on drumming and rhythm and tried very hard to find ways to make Open Source software do what I wanted it to do.

A New Beginning

When COVID hit, music composition took hold once more once I started studying music theory. I learned so much from the 8 Bit Music Theory channel and after entering a competition, I actually placed first with my piece “Intelligence” which you can find on the Music page. I started looking at Orchestral compositions, purchased a new laptop, and started getting to work with the BBC Symphony Orchestra VST.

After releasing the Kintovia II EP, which was written to be a video game soundtrack, I decided I wanted to write music for a real video game. And so here we are, a new chapter. If you’d like me to compose for you, please visit the contact page and get in touch.