Announcement Time!

Just a short post to say that within the last couple of weeks I have signed to Monochrome Motif to produce a new album in the same vein as Kintovia II, but better! This Kintovia II, but more like Tired Bones - I know right!

I want to say a huge thank you to Mario, Troisnyx, OnlyTheHost and CosmicBos, without whom these events wouldn’t have taken place. A special thank you also to Andrew from Monochrome Motif, who has been absolutely stellar at answering all my weird questions and making the process incredibly painless. I’d also like to thank the support of the artists already signed to Monochrome, as well as all of you who have listened to my music and given me encouragement. Thank you also, to my wonderful wife, who supports all I do, even when it seems crazy!

I’ve already started sketching out some ideas and have a track almost complete. It’s going to take me a little while to finish. I want it to be really special. I’ll try to give regular updates, but no sneak peeks! This time - you’ll get a new album drop without any spoilers from me.

Looking forward to release time already, but plenty of work to do until then!

See y’all soon